for Authors

Oral Presenters
Please prepare a presentation of at most 15 minutes. This is the total slot time, meaning that your actual presentation should even be shorter! (Exception: Time slot in the "Education I Session" are only 10 Minutes.) We will not allow any change of presentation computers during the symposium, therefore you have to send your presentation before the symposium to or bring it with you on a usb stick or a CD. The presentation computer uses a resolution of 1024x768 pixels and is not connected to the Internet.
Poster Presenters
Please prepare a poster and bring it with you to the symposium. The poster walls are 2 m high and 80 cm wide. Posters can be mounted using adhesive tape.
PhD/Master Forum Presenters
Please prepare a Powerpoint presentation of about 5 Minutes. Send it before the conference to or bring it with you on a usb stick or a CD. After your very short presentation there will be time to discuss your work within the forum. You are also asked to prepare a poster (see above) and bring it with you.
Submission Guidelines for Papers

Please submit all abstracts and papers via e-mail to according to the given deadlines. If you know your submission ID, please include it as this makes things a lot easier.

Files. Please send a text only DOC file and all figures as separate files with sufficient quality for print. Submit vector figures in EPS or PDF format and raster figures in TIFF format. Don't forget to embed fonts into PDF and EPS files. Images can be in color! Give unique names to your files, containing your last name, a version number and for figures a figure number, like gartner_abstract_v1.doc or gartner_fig3_v1.tif. Only the file with the highest version number will be used.

Design. A4, left justified, Times New Roman 12pt, no hyphenation, for highlighting use bold or italic only, for headings use decimal numbering, use captions containing the figure number for all figures.

Full paper structure

Full papers should not have more than 6000 words.

References. You must use the Harvard Referencing System.