Bachelor thesis presentation on cartographic storytelling

Congratulations to Jakob Listabarth who successfully finished his Bachelor thesis today! His topic focused on a cartographic storytelling approach for the Sustainable Development Goal 6 “Ensure availability and sustainability of water and sanitation for all”.

He created a folder with some background information as well as 6 storymaps addressing school children. Some screenshots of his impressive work can be found here:

Artwork by Jakob Listabarth

Artwork by Jakob Listabarth
The wall and Sara’s thirst: A storymap to highlight the inequalities in the access to water – in this case even between neighbourhoods
Artwork by Jakob Listabarth
Sepp’s swampy, little paradise: A storymap to portray one of the water-related ecoysystems addressed by subtarget 6.6 Water-Related Ecosystems
Artwork by Jakob Listabarth
Excerpt from a storymap on pollution of the Ganga river basin
Artwork by Jakob Listabarth
Excerpt from a storymap on water fluxes of pasta-production in Italy

We wish Jakob all the best for his future career!

Farewell Hao Lyu

Hao Lyu, PhD student at TU Munich, has joined our research group for the past three months. Thank you for the exchange and all the best for your future career!

Bachelor thesis presentations on Emotion Mapping

Congratulations to our students who successfully finished their Bachelor theses in the field of Emotion Mapping today:

  • Cristian Andronic: Überprüfung der Reliabilität einer Emotionskarte anhand von Verkehrsknotenpunkten in Wien
  • Gabriela Goranova:  Emotionale Raumgestaltung – Auf dem Weg zum Einsatz von Emotionen als Beteiligungsinstrument in der Stadtplanung am Beispiel des Wien Museum
  • Viktor Jauk: Überprüfung der Reliabilität einer Emotionskarte anhand von Wiener Stadtteilentwicklungsgebieten

Well done and best wishes for your future studies and careers!

A special thanks to our partners from Wien Museum, Sandor Békési, Isabel Termini, and Elke Doppler,  for their kind support and the excellent collaboration !