Andrea Binn

University Assistant M.Eng.

Phone:  +43-1-58801-12666

Andrea Binn is a researcher and lecturer at the Research Division Cartography. She received her BA Degree in Cartography and Geomedia and a Master’s Degree (M.Eng.) in Geomatics from the Munich University of Applied Sciences in 2015. As a freelance Cartographer, Andrea developed spatio-visual concepts and designs in the fields of Environmental Science, Music, and Psychology. In her research, she works on the effects of emotional valence on spatial cognition.

Research interests

Cartographic communication and design, valence and spatial cognition, visual risk communication


  • VU 127.026 — Applied Cartography
  • VU 127.107 — Applied Cartography and GIS
  • VU 120.119 — Spatial Visualization
  • VU 120.106 — Geodetic and Cartographic Fundaments for Spatial Planning
  • PR 120.001 — Integrative Project

Projects at the Research Unit Cartography

  • DigiGeo – Transferring contact, technology- and field-based education to digital: methods and tools for geosciences training
  • LBS2ITS – Curricula Enrichment delivered through the Application of Location-based Services to Intelligent Transport Systems