Andrea Binn

University Assistant M.Eng.

Phone:  +43-1-58801-12666

Andrea Binn is a researcher and lecturer at the Research Division Cartography. She received her BA Degree in Cartography and Geomedia and a Master’s Degree (M.Eng.) in Geomatics from the Munich University of Applied Sciences in 2015. As a freelance Cartographer, Andrea developed spatio-visual concepts and designs in the fields of Environmental Science, Music, and Psychology. In her research, she works on the effects of emotional valence and arousal on spatio-visual information processing.

Research interests

Emotion and cognition, visual communication of climate change and natural hazard risks, cartographic design.


  • VU 120.119 — Spatial Visualization
  • VU 127.026 — Applied Cartography
  • VU 127.107 — Applied Cartography and GIS
  • VU 120.106 — Geodetic and Cartographic Fundaments for Spatial Planning
  • PR 120.001 — Integrative Project

Projects at the Research Unit Cartography

  • DigiGeo – Transferring contact, technology- and field-based education to digital: methods and tools for geosciences training
  • LBS2ITS – Curricula Enrichment delivered through the Application of Location-based Services to Intelligent Transport Systems