Ravenstein-Förderpreis for Nele Peschel

Congratulations to our M.Sc. student Nele Peschel for winning the Ravenstein-Förderpreis in the category students with Mapping SÁMI Languages. Designed in the Project Map Creation during her summer semester in Vienna 2021, the jury awarded her work with: “excellently designed map that makes outstanding use of semiotic rules”. 

The Ravenstein-Förderpreis, which is awarded annually, promotes young cartographic talents in German-speaking countries. This year’s award ceremony took place at the Faculty of Plastics Engineering and Surveying at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt. 

Great student projects from summer semester 2021

As in former semesters, we would like to showcase a selection of extraordinary student projects from this summer semester.

Project Map Creation

The following maps are results from the class Project Map Creation:

Kamran on Bike
Kamran on Bike by Hassam Ali (jpg, 3,3mb)

Transit Map of Vienna (Redesign of the official map)
Transit Map of Vienna (Redesign of the official map) by Iaroslav Boretskii (pdf, 3,5mb)

Iztaccihuatl - Popocatepetl Hiking Map
Iztaccihuatl – Popocatepetl Hiking Map by Jose Pablo Ceballos Cantu (jpg, 2,7mb)

Wertheim Castle
Wertheim Castle by Valerian Lange (pdf, 1,9mb)

The Alpine Network
The Alpine Network by Sangho Lee (jpg, 7,3mb)

Mapping SÁMI Languages
Mapping SÁMI Languages by Nele Peschel (jpg, 5,2mb)

Ecoturism in Tayrona National Natural Park
Ecoturism in Tayrona National Natural Park by Ana Oliva Pinilla Pachon (jpg, 2,8mb)

Hiking Sarek
Hiking Sarek by Vivien van Dongen (jpg, 4,4mb)

The World of Scientists
The World of Scientists by Hsiang-Yun Wu (png, 6,7mb)

A Glance at Taobao Villages in the Yangtze River Delta
E-commerce Revitalizes Rural China: A Glance at Taobao Villages in the Yangtze River Delta by Zhuo Yang (jpg, 3mb)

Kenan’s Climb: Honoring Kenan's Record Hike
Kenan’s Climb: Honoring Kenan’s Record Hike by Lydia Youngblood (jpg, 4,4mb)

A huge thank you to all students for their hard work in this busy summer semester. Enjoy the summer!

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