Best Paper Award goes to Silvia Klettner

We are proud to announce that Silvia Klettner’s research on cartographic semiotics received TU Wien’s Best Paper Award 2019 from the Faculty of Mathematics and Geoinformation:

Klettner, S. (2019). Why Shape Matters — On the Inherent Qualities of Geometric Shapes for Cartographic Representations. ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, 8(5), 217.

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EuroCarto 2020: Sept 21-25

The Research Division Cartography is proud to be participating in this year’s EuroCarto 2020, which is hosted as a virtual event:

  • Georg Gartner: Part of the organizational committee and chairing the sessions “COVID and Methodology”, “Innovations and Applications”, and “Design”
  • Silvia Klettner: Scientific talk on “More than identifiers: Map symbols and their connotative meaning” (Sept 21)
  • Florian Ledermann: Scientific talk on “Classifying Cartographic Projections Based on Dynamic Analysis of Program Code” (Sept 24)

All contributions can be found in the detailed conference program.

The conference is jointly carried out by the German Society of Cartography (DGfK), the Austrian Cartographic Commission in the Austrian Geographic Society (ÖKK), the Swiss Society of Cartography (SGK), the University of Vienna, and endorsed by the International Cartographic Association. The conference is also recognized as an ICA Regional Cartographic Conference. For all conference details, visit the EuroCarto2020 website at

Great student projects from summer semester 2020

As in former semesters, we would like to showcase a selection of extraordinary student projects from this summer semester.

Project Map Creation

The following maps are results from the class Project Map Creation:

Zion National Park
Zion National Park by Anouska Jaspersen (jpg, 5.1mb)

An Urbanist's Guide to Copenhagen
An Urbanist’s Guide to Copenhagen (folder) by Ceren Dolma (animated gif, 2.7mb)

The World of Wolfhound
The World of Wolfhound by Milana Glebova (jpg, 2.5mb)

Where the Northern Lights Occur in Russia
Where the Northern Lights Occur in Russia by Nina Ioseliani (jpg, 3.9mb)

Project Possible - Journey of Nirmal “Nims” Purja in Mountaineering History
Project Possible – Journey of Nirmal “Nims” Purja in Mountaineering History by Shlesha Acharya (jpg, 3.4mb)

Shrinking Lake Chad
Shrinking Lake Chad (flipbook) by Stephanie Fovenyessy (animated gif, 4.5mb)

Multimedia-Cartography and Geocommunication

The following projects were created within the class Multimedia-Cartography and Geocommunication:

Novaya Zemlya. A carto-cast about Willem Barentsz – a navigator, cartographer and Arctic explorer by Jaspersen Anouska, Kurumbayeva Nargiz​, Acharya Shlesha, and Fovenyessy Stephanie:

Novaya Zemlya

100 questions about cartography. A platform aiming at helping to develop an answer to the question “What is cartography?” by Ceren Dolma, Jesse Friend, Mariam Gambashidze​, and Jakob Listabarth​:

100 questions about cartography

What is cartography? People’s perspectives in a word. ​A video by Estefania Ruiz Martinez, Sadhman Sadik, Md Imtiaz Uddin, and Julius Nyonyo​:

What is cartography? People's perspectives in a word.

What is Cartography? An interactive animation. An interactive video by Festina Sadiku, Junru Lin, and Mengyao Gao​:

What is Cartography? An interactive animation.

A huge thank you to all students for their hard work in this busy summer semester. Enjoy the summer!

Results from earlier semesters can be found here:
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