emomap_mit_smilieEvery human perceives urban space differently. Some places are seen to be unsafe, others as especially beautiful. This perception is subjective and emotions of the person influence it. For the project EmoMap we will enable an online community to collect that kind of data and store it in an open database. This database can be accessed and used by anyone to enhance the quality of future products and services, e.g. navigation systems for pedestrians.

Project website (German only)
Funding programme: FFG, ways2go
Duration: 24 months

Project partners

This page was last updated on 4 May 2015 by Manuela Schmidt.

2 thoughts on “EmoMap

  1. Sean Lynch

    What a great idea and application for crowd-sourcing! I’m watching Using Technology to Engage Citizens with Well-Being live webcast. This is one of the more creative and interesting projects I’ve come across!

    Thank you for the presentation Mr. Huang!

    -Sean Lynch
    Winchester, Virginia, USA.


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