Chernoff faces


Österreich – Ungarn, 2010–2011

Use of Chernoff faces in school maps – Further research and survey related to the theoretical and practical results of previous international projects about the possible cartographic uses of the Chernoff faces


The events preceding the mutual project are the Hungarian-Argentine project in 2004–2005 and in 2008–2009 when research was done in connection with map “Map reading by children in school age: Cartographic education and practice in Hungary and Argentina” and “The possible uses of the Chernoff faces in thematic cartography with special attention to school cartography“. The present project, as a pursuance of all these researches, is seeking the theoretical and practical results obtained so far and further possibilities for adoption. The aim of the Austrian-Hungarian bilateral scientific co-operation is extending the Hungarian-Argentine project in process, amplification of theoretical research, seeking of new solution and fulfilling future research with use of the possibly available negative results to make thematic maps more intelligible for children.

Our objectives and expected results are:

  • Further study of the Chernoff faces and their actual uses in thematic cartography.
  • In case of need, the redrafting of principles and general lines expressed in previous projects for the cartographic use of this method.
  • Study of the possible use of Chernoff faces in school cartography.
  • The investigation of the possibly available negative research results and setting up new representation and solving method.
  • Design and making of sample maps and their test in educational institutions.
  • Based on the results of the test, the final proposals about the use of this method in school publications will be elaborated.
  • Accessibility of the results across the Web, which assures the fast accessing by specialists from other countries.

Project partners