EURECA –¬†EUropean Region Enrichment in City Archives and collections, investigates cultural heritage collections of European city archives and collections by applying location based services (LBS) and personalized, contextualized content. The project focuses on revealing traces (i.e. origins or influences) of European regions that have shaped the cities in which we live today and will further develop tools to easily explore these traces when visiting a city. Different historical, architectural, economic, political, and cultural reasons form the base of these traces, and will be used as input to disclose cultural heritage items that can be linked to specific European regions and origins. The enriched metadata that will result in this project will be further usable to perform new fundamental research and applied studies, and also to facilitate the exploitation of the collections to a broader public and attract new groups of cultural heritage consumers.

Project partners

  • Internet Technology and Data Science Lab (IDLab) of Ghent University
  • CartoGIS Research Group of Ghent University