Procedure for Finishing a Master Thesis in the International Master Cartography at TU Vienna

  1. Get the agreement of your supervisor to finish your thesis.
  2. Arrange an appointment with your supervisor to present your thesis at TU Vienna.
  3. Hand in the finished thesis to your supervisor.
    • Make sure the first page of your thesis is in German (
    • We expect you to provide three hard cover copies of your thesis; One will be sent to the TU library (by us), and one copy for each of your supervisors. You can order hardcover copies at copy shops or Grafisches Zentrum. Talk to your supervisor about printing options.
    • Your printed thesis must be signed by you and your supervisor.
    • Additionally, you must hand in a digital version of your thesis as PDF, which will be made available through the TU online library.
  4. Present your thesis at TU Vienna (20 minutes presentation followed by a discussion – practice your talk to make sure you are in time!).
  5. The evaluation report will be written.
  6. The TISS entry will be finished.
  7. Thesis and Evaluation Report will be handed over to the Dean of Study Affair.
  8. A message on the result of your thesis will be sent to TUM.
  9. Your diploma will be issued by TUM.