CartoTalk Giedrė Beconytė

We invite you for a CartoTalk by Giedrė Beconytė from Vilnius University on the topic of and New Cartography

Geographic information portals where datasets, services and applications can be shared and used for development of new datasets, services and applications, open new fields of activity for cartographers. We will discuss some issues of Web maps design, a method that allows to develop semantically correct representations and some cartographic examples inspired by the geoportal – collaboration and crowdsourcing  in Lithuania: analytical maps, mapping alternative tourism sites,  mapping literature and maps for fun.

Giedrė BECONYTĖ received her PhD in Geography and MSc in System Engineering (Informatics) from the University of Vilnius. She is currently employed as Professor at the Centre for Cartography, Vilnius University and is a head of Spatial Information Infrastructure department at the State Enterprise “GIS-Centras”. She has published three textbooks on spatial project management  and DBMS. Her current research interests include innovations in thematic mapping, geographic information system design and project management.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013, 10:30 am
Research Group Cartography
Erzherzog-Johann-Platz 1, 1040 Wien

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