CartoTalk Eleonora Ciceri: Humans in the loop – Optimization of active and passive crowdsourcing

We invite you to our next CartoTalk by Eleonora Ciceri from Politecnico di Milano.

Abstract: Humans in the loop: Optimization of active and passive crowdsourcing Abstract: Crowdsourcing has become a hot topic in the last years: many companies base their core business on it and computer scientists study how to optimize it. Yet, there still are unsolved questions that need to be answered. On the one hand, in an active crowdsourcing context (i.e., the one in which workers actively contribute by solving tasks on crowdsourcing marketplaces) there is the need of identifying among all the possible tasks the ones that are useful (i.e., which ones bring additional knowledge and information) and discard the others. On the other hand, in a passive crowdsourcing context (i.e., the one in which we analyze user-generated content), if someone is in need of identifying topic-related content and influencers (i.e., people that influence other users in thoughts and actions), it is important to identify content features and users behaviors that an automatic pipeline could exploit to find relevant content and influential users without the help of humans. In this brief seminar, we will discuss what crowdsourcing really is, and we will cover these aspects, presenting some of the results that we achieved with our research.

Eleonora Ciceri is a Post-Doc researcher at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. She had a BSc degree in 2009, an MSc degree in 2011, and a doctoral degree in Computer Science Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. Her research interests are top-K query processing, social media, crowdsourcing, human computation and multimedia.

Friday, 8 May 2015, 14:00
Forschungsgruppe Kartographie
Seminarraum 126