CartoTalk László Zentai

We are happy to welcome László Zentai of the Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics of the Eötvös University Budapest to our colloquium CartoTalks:

Are we ready for Cartography 2.0?
Application of Web 2.0 in cartographic education

The term web 2.0 was first used in 2004 on a conference where the organizers focused on the new generation web services. Although web is not software and it hasn’t had versions everybody has understood this term and also understood the real meaning behind it.

In the last 30 years cartography has considerable changed and we may think to use the similar term for our science: cartography 2.0.

Even web 2.0 is not a clear easily definable term we can list new features of the web which has formed this new term. Wiki, blog, RSS, mashup applications, social networking are the key features (and other less notorious are still under development) which are not concrete application, but rather philosophies.

One of the most prominent mashup application are the web-sites which are connected to GoogleEarth or similar services to use their basemaps/satellite images to add their own geographically located contents. These applications are also used by non-cartographers to help them to “make maps”.

Are these new features enough to introduce the new term: cartography 2.0?

Friday, December 3 2010, 10.00 am
Seminar room 126
Research Group Cartography
Erzherzog-Johann-Platz 1, 1040 Wien

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