A cartographic field trip to Mürzzuschlag

Last week, the Research Group Cartography took the opportunity to visit the exhibition “Unschärfen und weiße Flecken – Kartografische Annäherung an urbane Räume” at Kunsthaus Mürz in Styria – open until 11 June 2017.


The exhibition focuses on cartography as a critical method for presenting spatial experience and communication:

“Maps describe and represent parts of the space around us, they tell stories about the world. Each map is based on the fact that parts of reality are omitted, distorted or alienated. This produces blurring or white spots – which in turn open up space for imagination and appropriation.” (translated from Kunsthaus Mürz)

The group also went on a hike to the Mürztaler mountains, to Scheibenhütte at 1473m altitude.


Photos courtesy of Markus Jobst, thx!