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Tuesday, Nov 10 Wednesday, Nov 11 Thursday, Nov 12
All day Poster session 1 Poster session 2
Evening Icebreaker Dinner Closing & Farewell drinks

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

8:00 Registration opens
9:00 Conference opening: Vice Rector Kurt Matyas and Georg Gartner
9:15–9:45 Keynote by Menno-Jan Kraak (ITC & University of Twente)

9:45–10:30 (Chair: Georg Gartner)

Cartographic Modelling and Design 1

  • Jari Korpi and Paula Ahonen-Rainio

    Design Guidelines for Pictographic Symbols: Evidence from Symbols Designed by Students  Presentation

  • Andrea Nass and Stephan van Gasselt

    Dynamic Cartography: Map–Animation Concepts for Point Features  Presentation

  • Kenneth Field

    Experiments with New and Modified Thematic Map Types  Presentation

10:30–11:00 Coffee break
11:00–12:30 (Chair: Menno-Jan Kraak)

Cartographic Modelling and Design 2

  • René Sieber, Marianna Serebryakova, Raimund Schnürer and Lorenz Hurni

    Atlas of Switzerland Goes Online and 3D – Concept, Architecture and Visualization Methods  Presentation

  • Sarah Tauscher and Karl Neumann

    A Displacement Method for Maps Showing Dense Sets of Points of Interest  Presentation

  • E. Lynn Usery

    Semantic Representation of Topographic Data for Cartographic Presentation and Application  Presentation

  • Alžběta Brychtová and Jitka Doležalová

    Designing Usable Sequential Color Schemes for Geovisualizations  Presentation

  • Salla Multimäki, Antti Mäkilä, Jari Korpi and Paula Ahonen-Rainio

    Combining Two Datasets into a Single Map Animation  Presentation

  • Jochen Schiewe

    Preserving Attribute Value Differences of Neighboring Regions in Classified Choropleth Maps

12:30–13:45 Lunch Break
13:45–15:15 (Chair: Jochen Schiewe)

Spatial Analysis and Geovisual Analytics

  • Johannes Scholz, Thomas J. Lampoltshammer, Norbert Bartelme and Eveline Wandl-Vogt

    Spatial-Temporal Modeling of Linguistic Regions and Processes with Combined Indeterminate and Crisp Boundaries  Presentation

  • Qiuju Zhang, Menno-Jan Kraak and Connie A. Blok

    Structuring Relations Between User Tasks and Interactive Tasks using a Visual Problem-Solving Approach  Presentation

  • Ionuț Iosifescu Enescu, Raluca Nicola, Benjamin Kellenberger, Cristina Iosifescu Enescu, Roman Walt, Meda Hotea, Arlette Piguet and Lorenz Hurni

    The Wheel of Design – Usability Driven Improvements to the GeoVITe User Interface  Presentation

  • Andreas Keler and Jukka M. Krisp

    Visual Analysis of Floating Taxi Data based on Selection Areas  Presentation

  • Lukasz Wielebski

    The Graphical Attractiveness and Perceived Effectiveness of Cartographic Presentations of Spatio-temporal Accessibility  Presentation

  • Bernhard Bauer-Marschallinger, Daniel Sabel and Wolfgang Wagner

    Optimisation of Global Grids for High-resolution Remote Sensing Data  Presentation

15:15–15:45 Coffee Break
15:45–17:15 (Chair: Haosheng Huang)

Cartographic Technologies 1

  • M. T. Manrique, M. Wachowicz , T. Iturrioz and M. A. Manso

    Towards Mapping Experience Design for the Internet of Things  Presentation

  • Pouria Amirian, Anahid Basiri, Francois Van Loggerenberg, Terry Moore, Trudie Lang and Margaret Varga

    Intersection of Geospatial Big Data, Geocomputation and Cloud Computing

  • Markus Jobst and Tatjana Fischer

    The Role of Service-Oriented Mapping in Spatial and Regional Sciences  Presentation

  • Anja Hopfstock, Dominique Laurent and Thomas van Ellett Braasch

    ELF Basemap – Offering a European Reference Map Service  Presentation

  • Erwan Bocher and Olivier Ertz

    Towards Cartographic Portrayal Interoperability – the Revision of OGC Symbology Encoding Standard  Presentation

  • Akila Sriramulu, Jochen Wendel, Syed Monjur Murshed and Alexandru Nichersu

    Web-based Interface Development for 3D Geo-spatial Data Visualisation – An open-source and plug-in free approach  Presentation

17:15–17:30 Refreshment Break
17:30–18:30 (Chair: Evangelos Livieratos)

Cartographic Applications 1

  • Marco Mastronunzio and Elena Dai Pra

    Who Needs Mitteleuropa Old Maps? Present-day Applications of Habsburgic Cartographic Heritage  Presentation

  • Mark Vetter and Boris Dreyer

    Geomatic Methods Supporting the Investigation of Ancient History  Presentation

  • Federico Prandi, Umberto Di Staso, Marco Berti, Luca Giovannini, Piergiorgio Cipriano and Raffaele De Amicis

    Hybrid Approach for Large-scale Energy Performance Estimation based on 3D City Model Data and Typological Classification  Presentation

  • Burcu Akinci

    The Role of Visual Representations in Urban Planning  Presentation


Poster Session 1

  • Jolanta Korycka-Skorupa and Tomasz Nowacki

    The Complexity of Cartographic Presentation Types

  • Andrea Pődör and József Halász

    Impact of Attentional Issues on Map Use Performance

  • Mateusz Ilba

    Advanced CityGML Visualization in 3D Environment

  • Adriana Alexandria Machado and Silvana Philippi Camboim

    Designing an User-centric Academic SDI

  • Jan D. Bláha and Martin Soukup

    The Use of Methods of Cartography and GIS Tools in Cultural Anthropology Research: Pilot Study in Localities Yawan and Toweth (Papua New Guinea)

  • Bogdan Olariu

    Anthropogenic Influence Mapping in Protected Areas: A Case Study from Bucegi Natural Park, Romanian Carpathians

  • Alena Vondrakova and Vit Vozenilek

    Licenses and Open Data in Cartography

  • Alice Rühl

    Enhancing Urban Planning Processes with Web-based Open Source Geotechnology

  • Marek Baranowski

    The EuroCarto Heritage

  • Nguyen Cam Van, Le thi Kim Thoa, Nguyen Dinh Ky, Nguyen Truong Xuan and Nguyen Manh Ha

    Building GIS Database for Web Atlas of Tay Nguyen Region in Vietnam.

  • Thomas Schulz

    Graphical-statistical Atlas of Switzerland 1914-2014

  • Zorica Milkova and Maya Mishkova

    Proposal for an Update of the Bulgarian Graphical Sign Database Used for Cadastral Plans of Settlements and Land Plots – for Scales of 1: 1000 and 1: 500

  • Antje Lehn and Johanna Reiner

    ATLAS OF URBAN ACTORS – A Co-Laboratory in Public Space

  • Antje Lehn and Johanna Reiner

    Fictional Landscapes

18:30 Ice Breaker

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

9:00–10:30 (Chair: László Zentai)

Cartographic Heritage

  • José Jesús Reyes Nunez

    A Forgotten Atlas of Erwin Raisz: “Atlas de Cuba”  Presentation

  • Evangelos Livieratos

    The Matteo Ricci 1602 Chinese Word Map: the Ptolemaean Echoes

  • Dariusz Lorek

    The Integrative Interpretation of Old Maps and Other Source of Spatial Information for Researching and Presenting Phenomena from Economic History

  • Tomas Janata and Ruzena Zimova

    Iconographic Sources of Swedish Campaign in 1647 in a Multidisciplinary Research  Presentation

  • Zsolt G. Török, Domonkos Hillier and Ádám Bérces

    Touch the Map and Take a Historic Walk: Reviving Cartographic Heritage in the Danube Museum  Presentation

  • Markus Breier, Karel Kriz and Alexander Pucher

    Digitising (Historical) Patterns of Power  Presentation

10:30–11:00 Coffee Break
11:00–12:30 (Chair: Markus Jobst)

Cartographic Modelling and Design 3

  • Sergio Estella and Jamie Gibson

    Everyone Needs a Map! – Evolving Information Society to Provide Insight from Big Data  Presentation

  • Giedrė Beconytė

    Application of Conceptual Model in Thematic Mapping: Representation of Relationships  Presentation

  • Beata Medynska-Gulij, Łukasz Halik, Łukasz Wielebski and Frank Dickmann

    The Multiperspective Visualisation of the Spatial Behaviour of Smartphone Users  Presentation

  • Dominik Käuferle, Christoph Streit and Olaf Forte

    New National Maps for Switzerland  Presentation

  • Anna Vetter

    Challenging Cartography in ArcGIS from Esri Switzerland (Part 1)  Presentation

  • Mark Wigley

    Challenging Cartography in ArcGIS from Esri Switzerland (Part 2)  Presentation

12:30–13:45 Lunch Break
13:45–15:15 (Chair: Mark Vetter)

Cartographic Technologies 2

  • Anita Graser, Maximilian Leodolter and Hannes Koller

    Towards Better Urban Travel Time Estimates Using Street Network Centrality  Presentation

  • Xiaoling Wang, Corné P.J.M. van Elzakker and Menno-Jan Kraak

    User Requirements Analysis for a Mobile Augmented Reality Application Supporting Geography Fieldwork  Presentation

  • Farid Karimipour, Negar Alinaghi, Paul Weiser and Andrew Frank

    Contextual Adaptability of Navigational Spatial Descriptions: A Pragmatic Comparison  Presentation

  • Tomas Kliment, Vlado Cetl and Marcel Kliment

    Interoperable Volunteered Geographic Information empowering e-governance processes: Case study for Land Use Dataset in the City of Zagreb  Presentation

  • Volker Walter, Dominik Laupheimer and Dieter Fritsch

    Use of Paid Crowdsourcing for the Collection of Geodata  Presentation

  • Giuseppe Borruso and Viola Defend

    Mapping a City’s Activity. A Project of Volunteered Geographic Information using Mobile Mapping Collection  Presentation

15:15–15:45 Coffee Break
15:45–17:15 (Chair: Marek Baranowski)

Cartographic Application 2

  • Łukasz Halik, Beata Medyńska-Gulij and Maciej Smaczyński

    The Cartographic Visualizations of the Population Movements during Mass Events with the Use of Drone (UAV)  Presentation

  • Jan Feranec and Tomas Soukup

    Sample of Map Representation of Land Cover Changes in Two and Three Time Horizons  Presentation

  • Irina Karachevtseva, Alexander Kokhanov, Zhanna Rodionova, A.Yu Zharkova, Anatoly Zubarev, Andrey Garov, Evgeny Matveev and Jürgen Oberst

    Modern Methodology for Planetary Mapping  Presentation

  • Ossi Kotavaara, Tommi Hakkarainen, Tiina Huotari, Timo Keistinen and Jarmo Rusanen

    Mapping Opportunities for Enhancing Effectiveness of Health Care System by GIS based Accessibility Analyses: Locating Core and Support Services within Long Distances in Northern Finland  Presentation

  • Gustavo Dias Ramos, Claudia Robbi Sluter and Gislene Pereira

    Requirements Survey and Documentation of a Geo-information System Applied to Land Value Capture Policies  Presentation

  • Peter Ondrejka, Lukáš Herman, Jan Russnák, Petr Kubíček, Robert Cibula, Pavel Grochal, Josef Chrást, Adam Mertel and Daniel Vrbík

    Spatial Analysis of Police Open Data as a Part of Community Policing – An Example of Pardubice City (Czech Republic)  Presentation

17:15–17:30 Refreshment Break
17:30–18:30 (Chair: Temenoujka Bandrova)

Cartographic Fundamentals 1

  • János Györffy

    Some Remarks on the Question of Pseudocylin-drical Projections with Minimum Distortions for World Maps  Presentation

  • Miljenko Lapaine and Nedjeljko Frančula

    Map Projection Aspects  Presentation

  • Ibrahim Oztug Bildirici

    The Web Mercator Projection: A Cartographic Analysis  Presentation

  • Ádám Barancsuk

    A Semi-automatic Approach for Determining the Projection of Small Scale Maps based on the Shape of Graticule Lines  Presentation


Poster Session 2

  • Refiz Duro

    Disasters, Maps & Data: C2-SENSE – Objects of Interest in Disaster Related Real-Time Situations

  • Mátyás Gede, Zsuzsanna Ungvári, Klaudia Kiss and Gábor Nagy

    Open-source Web-based Viewer Application for TLS Surveys in Caves

  • Adam Mertel, Zdeněk Stachoň and Tomáš Glomb

    Selected Issues of the Spatial Datasets focused on Historical Data

  • Marina-Ramona Rujoiu-Mare and Bogdan-Andrei Mihai

    Land Cover Mapping for Subcarpathian Area (Romania) at Different Scales using Currently Available Data Models

  • Osman Sami Kırtıloğlu, Ibrahim Oztug Bildirici, Nesibe Necla Ulug-tekin and Aydin Ustun

    Basin Monitoring System With Map Mashups: Case Study of Konya Closed Basin

  • Enikő Korodi

    Overview of the Geological Mapping in Transylvania in the 19th Century

  • Umberto Di Staso, Matteo Matassoni and Raffaele De Amicis

    INSPIRE and VGI: Specie Distribution in Europe

  • lemen Kozmus Trajkovski, Katja Berkopec and Dušan Petrovič

    Web Maps Adaptation for Smartphones

  • Csaba Szigeti and Gáspár Albert

    Measuring the Adequacy of Maps for Field Use

  • Tünde Kiss

    Changes of Landscape in the Sió-Sárvíz Valley (Transdanubia, Hungary) due to Human Activity. Analysis of Old Maps and Historical Data

  • Zsuzsanna Ungvari and Krisztina Iras

    Web-based Reconstruction of Old Educational Instruments of Geography  Abstract

  • Ngoc Quy Bui

    Model Development for Web – atlas System Applying in Administration Management

  • Alexander Wolodtschenko

    Conception of Mini-atlas “Virtual museum of Leo Bagrow”

  • Zorica Milkova and Vladimir Ilinkin

    Cartographic Techniques used in Soil Maps and Atlases of Bulgaria

  • Andrea Binn

    Perceptive and Cognitive Aspects – Route Planning with a Map

19:30 Conference Dinner (Esterhazykeller, Haarhof 1, 1010 Vienna)

Thursday, November 12, 2015

9:00–10:30 (Chair: Corné van Elzakker)

Cartographic Fundamentals 2

  • Claudia Robbi Sluter, João Vitor Meza Bravo and Melissa Midori

    Research Investigations related to User Centered Design for Geoinformation Products  Presentation

  • Marinos Kavouras, Margarita Kokla and Eleni Tomai

    The GEOTHNK Approach to Spatial Thinking  Presentation

  • Chrysoula Boutoura, Alexandra Kousoulakou and Angeliki Tsorlini

    Thematic Cartography: A Key Course in Geospatial Engineering  Presentation

  • Wolf Günther Koch

    Lexical Knowledge Sources for Cartography and GIS – Development, Current Status and Outlook  Presentation

  • Paulo Márcio Leal de Menezes, Manoel do Couto Fernandes, Kairo da Silva Santos, Tainá Laetta and Juliana Rambaldi

    Toponymy of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil: From Historical to Current Maps – Research and State of Art  Presentation

  • Cezar Buterez, Andrei Nacu and Alexandru-Ionut Cruceru

    The Political Mosaic: Mapping Romania’s Administrative Divisions from 1930

10:30–11:00 Coffee Break
11:00–12:30 (Chair: Kenneth Field)

Cartographic Modelling and Design 4

  • Sebastian Lemstra, Boris Dreyer and Mark Vetter

    Low-cost Approach for a 3D-visualization of Historical Structures in Metropolis (Ionia)  Presentation

  • Jakub Straka, Marta Sojčáková and Róbert Fencík

    Model of Dynamic Labelling of Populated Places in Slovakia  Presentation

  • Arkadiusz Borek and Tomasz Panecki

    Cartographic Visualization of Historical Source Data on  Presentation

  • Wasim A. M. Shoman and Fatih Gülgen

    A Research in Cartographic Labeling to Predict the Suitable Amount of Labeling in Multi-resolution Maps  Presentation

  • Viktor Putrenko

    The Spatial Statistical Generalization of Information for Regional Land-use Management in Ukraine  Presentation

  • Monica Cristina de Castro and Claudia Robbi Sluter

    Methodology for Automating Cartometric Evaluation of Urban Topographic Maps in Brazil  Presentation

12:30–13:45 Lunch Break
13:45–15:15 (Chair: Beata Medynska-Gulij)

Cartographic Technologies 3

  • Alexander Knapp and Andreas Pammer

    Automated Generalization at BEV – From Base Models to 1:50k Map  Presentation

  • Andrea Lopes Iescheck, Rita de Cássia Marques Alves, Manuella Anaís Rodrigues Fagundes and Gabriel de Souza

    Data Quality Control for Topographic Mapping Production  Presentation

  • Otakar Čerba, Karel Charvát, Tomáš Mildorf, Raitis Berzins,  Pavel Vlach and Barbora Musilova

    SDI4apps Points of Interest Knowledge Base  Presentation

  • Filiz Kurtcebe Altin, Tolga Kaya, Mehmet Bilgekagan Cintimur and Tugba Aydar

    Geospatial Project Management Portal

  • Stig Heinesen and Morten Winkler

    New Map Production Environment in the Danish Geodata Agency: ‘Maps Without Hands’  Presentation  Paper

  • Eric Losang

    Where Have All the Atlases Gone? Developing Data Structures for a Virtual Research Environment  Presentation

15:15–15:45 Coffee Break
15:45–17:30 (Chair: Florian Ledermann)

Cartographic Modelling and Design 5

  • Vit Vozenilek

    Maps in Documentary Videos

  • Jana Moser and Sebastian Koslitz

    Pins or Points? Cartographically Appealing Webmaps and Technical Challenges: the Example of “Landschaften in Deutschland Online”  Presentation

  • Paweł Cybulski

    Visual Suggestiveness and Change Blindness in Dynamic Cartographic Vsualisations  Presentation

  • Čeněk Šašinka, Zdeněk Stachoň, Zbyněk Štěrba, Radim Štampach and Kamil Morong

    New Approach to Experimental Testing in Cartography  Presentation

  • Alessia Movia and Maria Vittoria Santi

    Mapping Abandoned Industrial Buildings: The Territory from Land Use to Reuse

  • Walter Vilém, Herman Lukáš and Stachoň Zdeněk

    Reconstructive 3D Models of the Brno for the Years 1400, 1645 and 1749 and Their Use in Education  Presentation

  • László Zentai

    The Effect of the Political Transition of Hungary on Map Publishing  Presentation

17:30 Closing & Farewell Drinks